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UK: The Budget & IP


  • R&D tax relief increased for SMEs to 200% in 2011 and 225% in 2012
  • R&D tax credit repayment no longer restricted by PAYE/NICs
  • R&D large company relief to include sub-contractor costs
  • Patent box to have more consultation – still 10%, still patents only, applying from 1 April 2013
  • Capital allowances for short-life assets now 8 years – useful for capital expenditure that doesn’t qualify for R&D allowances, and exceeds the annual investment allowance
  • Reductions in corporate tax rate useful to all companies
  • Enterprise Zone changes could be attractive
  • 24 new University Technical Colleges to be established

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UK: Budget tomorrow (March 23rd)

Immediate updates on IP-related Budget thoughts will be posted on twitter – a more detailed update will be posted here when I’ve had time to read through the inevitable small print that arrives after the Chancellor sits down!

What’s expected on IP tax (at least):

  • an update on CFCs – should have some IP content to it
  • update on the consultation on IP tax and R&D which closed on February 22nd
  • more information on the patent box (in the consultation update)

There might be more …