EC sets up digital economy taxation group

The EC announced to today (22nd Oct) that it has decided to “set up a group of experts in the field of taxation of the digital economy …[to] help to develop a comprehensive Union position on tax issues in the digital economy by analysing the issues at stake and providing the Commission with a range of solutions to address these issues”.

The group will:

  • assist the Commission in the preparation of legislative proposals or other policy initiatives;
  • monitor the evolution of taxation policy related to the digital economy;
  • bring about an exchange of experience and good practice in the field of taxing the digital economy;
  • contribute ideas for the taxation of the digital economy and review possible alternative bases for taxation to those currently in place, taking into account the specifics of the EU, but also taking into account developing global policy responses;
  • provide a comprehensive analysis of the relation between the operations of companies active in the digital economy within the EU and their direct or indirect contribution to the tax revenues of Member States, and of any deficiencies in the adaptation of current international tax rules to the digital economy;
  • provide the Commission with a range of possible solutions to address the most important issues identified during the analysis referred to in point
  • state the risks, possible consequences and economic and financial impact for the EU of each of the solutions

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