Autumn statement and apologies for radio silence

Between my practice as a barrister and being President of the CIOT ( my free time for writing has basically disappeared – I’m updating on twitter at the moment but haven’t managed to get a twitter-to-wordpress plugin to function properly yet! and have now managed to get a plugin working, so that tweets will appear in the sidebar albeit not as posts (it failed again).

Which is a roundabout way of apologising for the silence on here and tumbleweeds rolling through of late. Normal service will be resumed in about May 2015.

But quickly – the UK autumn statement include good news for R&D (increases in the value of the relief), but yet another tax on multinationals (25% on “artificially diverted profits”. Quite how that interacts with transfer pricing, CFC rules, and the FA2014 anti-diversion rules remains to be seen …). This has, of course, been called a Google tax. The annual take from it looks puzzlingly low, as far as I could see from the policy document etc. Also more on tv reliefs and children’s tv programme relief etc …

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