Intangibles consultation now up

The consultation on the corporate intangibles regime promised at the Budget is now available at

It’s not a massive root & branch overhaul – the accounts basis isn’t going anywhere, for example. The focus is on the following:

  • exclusion of pre-2002 assets, whether that’s still appropriate and how to value them if they were to enter the regime
  • restriction of amortisation on goodwill, whether there’s anything practical that can be done to remove the impact on unregistered IP that’s within goodwill
  • de-grouping charges: to what extent they cause problems, can these be resolved
  • 4% fixed election for assets which aren’t amortised in the accounts: could it be improved
  • what are the benefits to multinationals of holding IP in the UK
  • how can the regime be made more cost-effective, suggesting a possible focus on relating amortisation to increased economic activity.


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