ip-tax.com is maintained by Anne Fairpo, barrister at 13 Old Square, Lincoln’s Inn and also at Atlas Chambers in Gray’s Inn, London, and author of Taxation of Intellectual Property, published by Bloomsbury Professional.  ip-tax.com provides an update service for that book as well as providing general IP tax related news and information.

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The book is available from Bloomsbury’s online store, Amazon etc.  All author’s royalties are being donated to TaxAid. This blog is not sponsored, nor does the author receive any benefit from linking to other material (except where expressly stated in any relevant post).  Events listed in the sidebar are those which the editor has received or found details for (and in a few cases is speaking at!), please contact the editor via LinkedIn above if you would like your IP/Tax event listed.

Note: this is a personal blog – all views, opinions etc expressed are those of the editor alone. Information in the blog is for news only; it cannot be relied upon as legal advice for a specific situation.

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  1. Elvira WInfield

    HI. I am trying to determine how to deal with a disposal of 1 pharmacy site out if a larger group,, The site in question was opened, by obtaining a new licence, without cost in 2005. The other all predate 2002 and were incorporated post 2002 with a Goodwill value of £ 10 m. My current thinking is that the sale proceeds of the new site would be apportioned between Licence and Goodwill, the licence proceeds being taxed as IP under the new IP rules whilst the Goodwill element would fall under the CG rules and the normal CG part-disposal calculations. Any thoughts would be really welcomed.


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