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updates for Tottel’s Taxation of Intellectual Property, 2nd edition

IP tax: 4th edition is now available

Just a heads up that the fourth edition of Taxation of Intellectual Property is now available from Bloomsbury Publishing – I will be adding updates here as they arise, cross-referenced to the book (inevitably, ‘stuff’ has changed in IP tax in the fairly short time since the proofs were done!).

I’ve spotted some snafus with updating (changes not coming through in some paragraphs) and will also add corrections for those; they seem mostly to be towards the back of the book in the less technical chapters. I suspect some incompatibility between my systems and those of the publishers, unfortunately.

Book update: non-trade patent royalties income tax relief abolished (paras 5.35-5.40)

Yes, I know the book hasn’t been published yet – any day now, I gather. Nevertheless, the Autumn Statement has poked a hole in it already (such is the dubious pleasure of writing on tax).

As of 5th December 2012, s448 ITA 2007 has been modified so that it no longer applies to payments of non-trade patent royalties (ie: those where tax is withheld under s903 ITA 2007). As a result, there is no longer any income tax relief available for payments of non-trade patent royalties by individuals.

For more details, see the draft legislation and explanatory notes (external PDF).

Book: Views and ideas wanted …

The 3rd edition of Taxation of Intellectual Property has been commissioned and will be appearing in all good bookstores later this year – in the meantime, I have to write it.  Let me know what you’d like to see covered – I plan to expand the international section, to add more in about specific IP-related professions/industry sectors and their tax quirks, and to add more on IP law and the interaction between practice and tax.

Anything else you’d like to see expanded/covered?  Comment on this post or email me (see the about page for contact details, I’m trying to avoid my email address being harvested by spam robots!)

UPDATE: coming soon …

The recent silence is because I’m working on a destination table for the new Corporation Tax Act, showing where the remnants of Sch 29 have now gone to.  

I’m also editing BNA’s International Taxation of Intellectual Property, which is taking up some more free time, but hope to be back to a more regular posting schedule soon!

– Anne