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France/USA: treaty withholding on IP royalties to be abolished

France and the USA have amended their tax treaty; amongst the amendments is the removal of withholding of tax on royalties for the use of intangible property.   The change will come into force with effect from 1st January in the year in which both countries ratify the amendment – if they get a move on,  royalties paid this year could be covered.

France: R&D relief to be refunded


In contrast to New Zealand (see this post), France has announced that in 2009 it will refund all outstanding R&D relief which has not yet been used to reduce corporation tax – broadly, where the relief has been claimed by a loss-making company.   Normally, a loss-making French company claiming R&D tax relief would need to wait three years before obtaining repayment.  The move is part of a French proposed economic recovery plan.

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